Week Fourteen in London

I would like to point out that I have now arrived at my second to last weekly post. Yes, after this you’ll only have to endure one more “Sunny Side Up, Please” alert in your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn feeds. Please hold your applause/sighs of relief.  In all seriousness, though – this blog, as entertaining or annoying as you may find it, has been a really wonderful time-tracker for me. Each post will trip a slew of memories that I can’t wait to read and remember in years to come. Yeah, yeah I’m feeling all sentimental about leaving, I know. Truth is, time really does fly.

On Friday morning, I made my way to King’s Cross Station to catch a train two hours north to York. This was my first solo travel experience, apart from my flight here in August, that is. I departed King’s Cross at 9:00 AM and settled in for a relaxing journey. This was my second train adventure, and it remains my favorite mode of transportation. Before this trip however, I hadn’t realized that the Brit’s favorite travel pastime is the lively consumption of alcoholic beverages. Around 10:30, a group of high-spirited ladies ready for a proper 40-year-old birthday celebration hopped into my carriage with balloons. They wasted no time; shortly after settling in for the ride they started assembling pink plastic champagne glasses and toasting to a great weekend ahead. Another group of younger girls next to me also pulled out glasses and a bottle of wine to spice up their journey. While I wasn’t quite on the same page as them this time, I must say I like their style.

The purpose of this trip was to meet another successful businessperson and connection here in the UK. Once again my Drake networking skills came in handy and I learned a lot at our meeting was treated to a lovely tour of York.

After lunch, I set out to explore the York Christmas Market on my own. Stalls lined the street, filled with one of a kind gifts and trinkets. While the weather was freezing, the atmosphere was warm and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the vendors and perusing what they had to offer. I stumbled upon my favorite shop, the Yorkshire Soap Company, on my way back to the train station. I was drawn to the store mainly because cupcakes lined the windows, but also because of the woman on stilts dressed as a British Royal Guard standing outside the doors. I decided to stop in and was surprised to be greeted with  a “Welcome to the Yorkshire Soap Company!” – I was under the impression that there would be cupcakes! Little did I know, this company has not only mastered the fine art of producing exquisite soaps, but also shaping them into gorgeous (and extremely deceiving) cupcake wonders. I know it sounds absurd, but check out their website, they are masterpieces. I could have spent hours inside; the whole place had a magical feel. Talk about consumer experience – from the moment I walked in the door I knew I had to get something.

Satisfied with my purchases, content with a good dose of Christmas spirit and almost freezing my toes off, I headed back to the York train station. At 6:00PM, the passengers on the train home were even livelier than they had been in the morning, and I can assure you that the two-hour journey to London was one that I won’t soon forget.

As I made my way back to my home away from home, it was strange to think of how comfortable I have become in this place. It has been such an experience. Thanks for staying tuned! I’m already looking forward to next week’s final post!



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