Week Thirteen in London

My numbered weeks have reached their terrific teens! Or terrible teens…. depending on what you recall from life as an eighth-grader. I digress; Week Thirteen in London marks another array of wonderful memories that have nothing to do with teenage angst.

The general mood around campus is restless with a dose of nostalgia. Nostalgia for what though? London? Home? I don’t think anyone really knows, but we go on chanting our mantra, “SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME”. Upon several occasions this weekend, we stopped ourselves short of making grand plans for weekends ahead, suddenly realizing that those weekends we take for granted are now so very limited. The final countdowns have begun. The speed at which time passes between Thanksgiving and Christmas has never ceased to amaze me, and I have no doubt that this year will deliver a record-breaking level of apparent time travel.

Ah, Thanksgiving. I do hope that last Thursday was the first and last time I will ever spend Turkey Day without my family. As I noted last week, the “American Thanksgiving” was a day like any other over here – classes, dining hall food and all. Ironically, many of our international schoolmates seized the opportunity to skip class; in corporate finance, only the Americans made an appearance. Thanksgiving night, we curled up to watch Love Actually, devour a significant amount of the candy from my Mom’s Thanksgiving care package (thanks Mom!), and be happily thrown into this magical season where Christmas music is allowed. All in all, the day led me to a greater appreciation for everyone in my life – both at home and here in London. Don’t get any ideas, this doesn’t mean I’d be as happy a camper missing Christmas at home.

In other news, I churned out two 3,000-word research papers, a group project, and a presentation last week. Only one more paper and one more presentation to go! Oooftah, right? Despite the toils of the week, the weekend was a blast. We’re bound and determined to make our last weeks of London-livin’ second to none. Please do check out my pictures (Hey! Instagram met the web, no more Instagrid) there are some real winners that adequately depict this weekend’s shenanigans. Thanks for staying tuned!



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