Week Twelve in London

Hello and happy holiday season everyone! My most favorite time of the year has arrived at last! Although London doesn’t participate in the “American Thanksgiving,” there is plenty of Christmas cheer to go around. Lights and holiday decorations are here to stay. It’s all very bright and wonderful, but it has made me realize why exactly the holidays are so magical. Lots of food and fancy presents are a nice bonus, but the best part about the whole season is spending endless hours with family and friends back home. An excessive amount of lazy family time is high on my list of priorities right now.

While it’s difficult to be swept away into the full-blown holiday season so far away from home, I’ve been doing my best over here in foggy London. We officially began the festivities on Saturday evening when we took a trip to ice skate. Our rink of choice was located just outside the Natural History Museum, although I learned that Londoners really like their outdoor ice-rinks this time of year, as it was one of many. Complete with a Christmas tree in the center, lights, and a hot chocolate stand, I truly had a blast and only wiped out once. Also, we managed to inspire and impress all of our fellow British skaters with a skater train. At its peak, I would say it was at least twenty people long.

On Sunday, we headed to Portobello Road, home to a wonderful market, which I will most definitely be revisiting in the near future. That night, the market was officially turning on their festive light decorations. We caught wind of these happenings and seized the opportunity to snag some more Christmas cheer.

One confession from this weekend – yes, I did see the final Twilight movie on Friday night and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion, the final installment is the best of them all. The producers really pulled a fast one on all of us – I was shocked, but eventually pleasantly surprised. You should see it. Oh c’mon. Kristen Stewart is a phenomenal actress.

Today, we ventured to the Barbican Arts Center, the largest performing arts center in Europe, on a quest to experience the latest exhibition, the Rain Room. When we arrived just as the center opened its doors, we faced a three-hour long line. Nevertheless, I decided to commit. I needed to see what all of this buzz was about and those research papers could wait too, right? The time passed surprisingly quickly, and at last we were near the entrance. JUST KIDDING. The Rain Room chose that particular moment to malfunction. The staff didn’t know how long it would be until it was working again, and we decided that we couldn’t risk it being another three hours, and headed home. They took our names so that upon our next visit, we won’t have to wait at all. Yep, guest list status. I wish that I could explain what the experience was like myself, but I encourage you to check out the link above to watch the video. It really is a masterpiece. I’ll keep you all updated, because I am mighty determined to pay the Rain Room a visit no matter what the wait.

Take care until next time. Happy Thanksgiving!



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