Week Eleven in London

Welcome back for Week Eleven’s update everyone!  As I start counting down the days I have left in this wonderful city of London, a number of emotions come to mind. First, I am so looking forward to being home and seeing my family and friends at last. I have such a wonderful life awaiting me and I have learned to appreciate everyone who makes it possible on a whole new level during my time away. The fact that this is the longest I have ever gone without seeing a single member of my family in my ENTIRE life is really starting to sink in, and those true feelings of homesickness are finally coming around.

On the other hand, I feel overwhelmed that I have so much left to do here in so little time. Balancing the ever-present need to explore with that nagging feeling of missing home is certainly a tricky one. As my dear friend Evelyn reminded me in her recent blog post, life truly is beautiful and seeking it out, no matter where in the world, is the most valuable and important thing. Even the smallest action can lead me straight into a daily dose of happiness, and a positive attitude is all it takes. Thanks for your inspiring words Avo!

The highlight of my week was the magical moment when I received the most fabulous care package from the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Everything I received was so heartfelt and truly brightened my world over here. These little pieces of home really mean the most and I cannot thank these wonderful women enough for their kindness and support.

As the semester wraps up, I look forward to embracing my last month here and crossing items off my list of places I have yet to visit before I head back home. This week’s number one sight was the Tate Modern, the world’s most visited modern art gallery. Walking around such a massive space filled with so many different kinds of art was a very interesting and relaxing experience. On the way, I walked across the Millenium Bridge, notably the very same one that gets destroyed by Death Eaters in Harry Potter. Absorbing some art and enjoying a rainy London afternoon was just what I needed to look forward into a new week. As always, thanks for staying tuned. Take care until next time!



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