Week Four in London

I spent some time making a few improvements to my blog since your last visit. I hope you like it! My favorite addition is most definitely the Twitter feed on the right. (Thanks for your inspiration, Heather!) Social media integration is one of my most favorites things. Consequently, I was motivated to add direct links to my Instsgrid, my About.me, my LinkedIn, my Vizify, and my Pinterest as well. You can find them at the right, just below the post calendar. Hopefully this will make reaching my photos and bios easier for you! Check them out if you have a second!

First on my list of updates from my fourth week in London is (drumroll please) London Fashion Weekend! This event culminated the London Fashion Week – an apparel trade show held in London twice a year. It is one of the “Big Four” alongside New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. I attended the Catwalk on Thursday evening, where the host introduced three new collections for the season – Kitchen Chic, Sergeant Indigo and Lady Brigade. While I would never be daring enough to wear any of these high fashion styles in public, watching the models rock them on the runway was an amazing experience. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend.

On Friday morning, I was up bright and early to catch the train to Paris for the weekend. Alongside the majority of the AIFS students in the program and our fabulous group leaders, we hopped on the Eurostar ready for a Paris adventure. My friends, who hail from the east and west coasts where public transportation is a part of daily life, were shocked to learn that this was my first train ride ever. The novelty of the experience made the two-hour journey fly by. Apparently, we brought the London weather to Paris; upon our arrival we were greeted by rain. Nevertheless, we made it safe and sound to our hotel. We quickly discovered the struggles of a language barrier when we ventured out for dinner at a delicious pizza place. After a wide range of awkward gestures in place of verbal communication, we headed back to our hotel with full stomachs and lifted spirits. Saturday morning came too soon, but we weren’t about to waste a second of our time in Paris. We snagged breakfast and headed down for a bus tour of the city. After the tour we headed to the Louvre, home to nearly 35,000 magnificent objects from prehistory all the way through the 19th century. If one were to see everything in this 652,300 square foot museum it would take a whopping six months! With this in mind, we made a beeline for the main attraction – the Mona Lisa. Behind a plate of glass, she (or he?) looked just like this. However, it was wonderful to see this highly acclaimed, magnificent and mysterious piece of historical art, first hand. We left the bustling crowds at the Lourve and headed out to explore the surrounding areas. My favorite piece of the adventure was visiting a pedestrian bridge over the Seine River where hundreds of couples have literally locked their love in Paris with engraved and initialed padlocks. After our afternoon of exploring, we met up with the group for a boat tour down the Seine. We culminated our touristy day with an evening on the Eiffel Tower lawn – complete with drinks, dinner, and the sparkly wonder of Paris’ iconic tower.

Now, back in my dorm in London, I fall back into my normal daily routine and am recovering from a fun-filled weekend. Contrary to popular belief (Sammy, I’m talking to you.) I do attend class and have homework here across the pond. Take care until next time!



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