Week One in London

It’s official – I love London. Since I left the United States last Monday, life has been a whirlwind of anxiety, adjustment and excitement. All transitions and flights from Omaha to Chicago and Chicago to London went smoothly. Relatively speaking, considering it was my first time flying alone and first time out of the country. On the six-hour flight to Heathrow, I sat next to two fine Londoners who kindly told me to take the window seat as they gave me a tour of the city as we landed. Highlights included the Eton Dorney Rowing Centre, the Olympic Park and Tower Bridge.

Here’s a run-down of my first day at Richmond University: I met my fabulous roommate Meg, unloaded 130 pounds of luggage, purchased an international phone (thanks Tad), attended a hall meeting, went out for drinks and – at last – slept. We are only provided with breakfast and dinner at the campus dining hall, and I have yet to make it out of bed in time for breakfast. However, not all is lost – there is a Whole Foods right down the street from my dorm. Delish!

After lunch on day two, our group headed off for a rainy bus tour of London. Despite the rain, the trip was informative and interesting. At day three, the real adventures began as a few girls and I planned some exciting weekends of travel and then set out to explore the city on our own. Here are some scheduled activities thus far:

On Saturday, I will be taking a trip to Chelsea for a tour of the soccer stadium (upon Bryan’s obvious recommendation). On Sunday, I will partake in a tour of the Olympic Stadium in the morning, and later a Jack the Ripper tour (scary!). On the schedule for next weekend: a tour of Buckingham Palace, a flight on the London Eye, and a trip to Bath and Stonehenge. Of course, my Kappas back home will be on my mind throughout those travels as they rock it at recruitment. If only I could apparate! Finally, other travels planned for later in the semester include London Fashion Week, a weekend in Paris, a weekend in Wales, and a weekend trip to Manchester and Liverpool.

After signing up for these trips, we made our way to High Street to purchase our Oyster Cards (passes to the London Underground), but of course we HAD to stop to shop a long the way. It ended up being a four hour excursion of fun. After a quick nap, we hopped on the Tube and found our way to Piccadilly Street for a classic British play – The 39 Steps.

Check my Facebook pagemy Twitter feed or my Instagrid for more frequent updates and pictures. Otherwise, I hope you check back next weekend for another post! Thanks for visiting!



3 thoughts on “Week One in London

  1. Lovin the blog Surah. Just read everything on here. Miss you. I am soooo jealous, London fashion week?! TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!!!!!!!!

    Carolyn :))

    PS. sorry I am obnoxious.

  2. Yay, it sounds like you’re having so much fun! Glad there is a Whole Foods nearby to take care of you – hopefully we taught you something about creating cost-efficient salads. Your ‘other travels’ sound so great, too – can’t wait to read/see more!!

  3. Uhm is this blog weekly or something? Im gonna need more than once a week and additional pictures please. Step it up babe. LOVE YOU MISS YOU

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