It’s been 3 years

since ‘Things I Learned While Abroad’ was published. Well hi to you too, WordPress. Fancy updates you’ve got yourself here – I like it. I have a few of my own too, ready? I graduated from Drake, interned a summer, started a full time job, learned what heartbreak feels like, bought a condo, met my … Continue reading

Things I Learned While Abroad

Hey there! Long time, no updates right? I have been enjoying a wonderful month-long break in Omaha and yes, my extended stay in London is officially over. Just one last thing though, before I head back to life at Drake University this weekend. Things I Learned While Abroad: Loving yourself is the first step – make … Continue reading

Week Fifteen in London

GASP. Week Fifteen. No, it can’t be. But alas, my last week in London lies ahead and another has passed me by with surprising haste. This past Wednesday, we headed to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park for another ice-skating extravaganza. Time spent on the ice with native Londoners and a few of America’s finest is … Continue reading

Week Fourteen in London

I would like to point out that I have now arrived at my second to last weekly post. Yes, after this you’ll only have to endure one more “Sunny Side Up, Please” alert in your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn feeds. Please hold your applause/sighs of relief.  In all seriousness, though – this blog, as entertaining or annoying as … Continue reading

Week Thirteen in London

My numbered weeks have reached their terrific teens! Or terrible teens…. depending on what you recall from life as an eighth-grader. I digress; Week Thirteen in London marks another array of wonderful memories that have nothing to do with teenage angst. The general mood around campus is restless with a dose of nostalgia. Nostalgia for … Continue reading

Week Twelve in London

Hello and happy holiday season everyone! My most favorite time of the year has arrived at last! Although London doesn’t participate in the “American Thanksgiving,” there is plenty of Christmas cheer to go around. Lights and holiday decorations are here to stay. It’s all very bright and wonderful, but it has made me realize why … Continue reading

Week Eleven in London

Welcome back for Week Eleven’s update everyone!  As I start counting down the days I have left in this wonderful city of London, a number of emotions come to mind. First, I am so looking forward to being home and seeing my family and friends at last. I have such a wonderful life awaiting me … Continue reading

Week Ten in London

Goodness, I’m on to double digits with the weekly London count. Unfortunately, Week Ten here has certainly been the most difficult so far, as my dear Uncle passed away last Monday. My family and I made the challenging decision that it would be best for me not to fly home for the funeral and a … Continue reading

Weeks Eight & Nine in London

First, allow me to give you quick summary of Week Eight before I jump into tales of my fall break adventures in Week Nine. Most importantly, I survived midterms! I pulled my dusty cramming abilities off of the shelf and managed not to lose too much sleep feverishly preparing in the days before exam time. … Continue reading

Week Seven in London

Welcome back everyone! Thanks for stickin’ with me for seven weeks! I can’t believe my time here in London is halfway over. Time flies when you’re having fun, that’s for sure. Although the majority of this week was consumed by midterm preparation, I have a few adventures to share. Using my wonderful Drake CBPA networking skills, … Continue reading